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[New Launch] - Email 10,000 Members for Free



I am excited to tell you about a new mailer site which just launched. It is giving an enormous new member bonus!

10,000 Mailing Credits to everyone! That will let you send your promotional email to 10,000 hot prospects WITHOUT having to click for credits.

The new site is called Next Gen Mailer and is the latest breakthrough in the Your Viral Network of traffic sites. It is a hybrid mailer site that delivers your message in new ways to make sure you get the most opens and clicks possible. That gives you more traffic for every message sent.

This is a new mailing technology that senses the best method to send the emails, as well as the best email server and time of day for every single recipient. We even deliver emails from servers at Google and Amazon for maximum impact!

There is no other mailer like it. It is truly the next generation!

Join the launch today for a massive bonus of 10,000 Mailing Credits!

Click to Join NOW!

Posted by:
Tim DeVinney (Individual) ,phone icon 13042081224

Posted on: 03/20/21 , Total Visits: 45

Location: Worldwide

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