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Want to Earn NRGY


Now why would you stake vs why would you hold NRGY???

Example: Buy 1 NRGY coin get rewarded in price appreciation.

Stake 1 NRGY coin and 25% is deducted right away BUT over time that grows 5x (conservatively) in terms of whole coins not including price appreciation!! ???

So if someone bought 1 NRGY coin for $450 and held after two years 1 NRGY could be worth $5k let’s say??

However, if you staked that 1 NRGY which remember minus 25% so that would be .75 NRGY which would turn into 4.75 (5 times growth by staking) and NRGY goes to $5,000 your 4.75 NRGY would now be worth over $20k!!??

As an added bonus:

If you are holding 25 NRGY or more after coins taken out for community builder (so total of 34 NRGY as remember the 25% deducted) then it gets REAL fun... you would also benefit in the fee revenue from EVERY DAPP that is built on our platform and would share in the 20% of fee revenue that is given to all token holders that maintain more than 25 tokens in staking.

That’s within the 100 week period AND after!

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Posted by:
Suzanna Phillips (Individual)

Want to Earn NRGY

Posted on: 05/08/21 , Total Visits: 73
Want to Earn NRGY

Location: Worldwide

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